Battle of the Consoles: PS4 Vs. Wii U Vs. Xbox 360

aswdGamers the world over are rejoicing, with the official announcement of the successor to the extremely popular PS3 – the PlayStation 4, which goes by the code name Orbis. This comes close on the heels of the launch of Nintendo’s latest offering – the Wii U, the successor to the Wii. Microsoft too recently launched the next-generation of the Xbox 360 gaming console Xbox One, with features that seem to be out of this world!

Details are still rather sketchy about the performance of the PS4, which is slated to be launched sometime during the ‘2013 holidays’. Here’s a quick comparison between the PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, and the Wii U.

PlayStation 4

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PS3 Vs. Xbox 360: Hardware Comparison

Xbox360 VS PS3 which onse bestThe video gaming industry is enjoying a very rich moment in its existence right now, and the cause for this can be firmly attributed to the Sony PlayStation 3 and the Microsoft Xbox 360. These two consoles form the seventh generation of video game consoles, and these particular platforms have certainly come a long way since they first made their presence felt. The Nintendo Wii also played a significant role in the evolution of video games (especially motion based video games), but their lack of HD graphics and no updates have significantly thrown them out of the picture.

These two consoles by Sony Computer Entertainment and Microsoft are the true behemoths in this industry, and in this Buzzle article we will be comparing the hardware of both these devices. When it comes to carrying out a graphics comparison, the differences between the two consoles are not very prominent, but their hardware is significantly different from each other. For the sake of convenience, we will be comparing the newest PS3 model (the PS3 Slim) and the newest Xbox 360 model (the Xbox 360 S) against each other.

Hardware Specifications

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Wii Vs. Kinect Vs. Move

kinect-vs-move-vs-wii1In visions of the future, a gamer’s dream is to be in the game, and live in the game. The further away from reality, the better. Well, the future is here. First the Wii set the trend of motion gaming. Then 4 years later, both Sony and Microsoft have hopped onto the motion gaming train, with two impressive controllers, the Move and the Kinect. Each is innovative in their own right. In 3 corners, we have 3 powerhouse gaming companies, 3 groundbreaking consoles, and 3 motion-sensor controllers, fight it out for the ultimate showdown: Wii vs. Kinect vs. Move.

Nintendo Wii Vs. Xbox 360 Kinect Vs. PS3 Move

In the Wii vs. Kinect vs. Move match-up, meet the contenders.

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Common PS3 Problems and Solutions

zowasel-ps-minAll PS3 lovers have, at one point or the other, noticed some technical glitches in their consoles. Like every other technical device, PS3, too, is susceptible to snags and breakdown. A bug in their cherished gaming console can make some fanatics to skip a beat. There are some known issues which millions of gamers have experienced over the years, something which the manufacturers have tried to rectify with every latest update. However, there are still some issues that keep cropping up time and again, and pester avid gamers.

Common PS3 Problems

Yellow Light of Death (YLOD)
Yellow Light of Death is the most common problem. If the power status light on your console blinks intermittently from green to yellow back to green, there is every possibility that your console is getting overheated. You can roughly gauge the root cause of this issue by turning off your console and restarting it after half an hour. If you hear the fan starting and switching off immediately, there is a likelihood that your motherboard has gone kaput. However, if you don’t hear any fan sound while starting the console, it can be that there is a loose power connection.

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New PS3 Games Coming Out

dsdThis year the Playstation 3 is looking at overload mode, since gamers will be hooked and charged for all of this year’s game releases with no chance of giving the ps3 a rest. I remember a time when hours would while away when my brother and I would sit bleary-eyed in front of the television, still pumped up and ready to take it until the wee hours of the morning. Games like ‘ProSkater’ and ‘Tekken’ were much-loved favorites of ours. I may sadly have lost touch with that beloved controller that vibrated with every jerk and twist, but the gamer lives on for sure, with the occasional PS3 experience whenever I get lucky enough to lay my hands on that wireless controller.

The new PS3 games coming out this year 2012 will have fans crowding stores and jamming up the Internet with these DVDs available online for distribution as well. Be sure to find out more on these games whenever they do hit stores, and check out reviews of gamers who’ve already had their hands full with some of these releases. If the so-called 2012 apocalypse is headed our way, then by all means let us go down knowing that we’ve played every hot PS3 game release that this epic year has to offer.

PS3 Game Releases 2012

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